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NeuroHealth Physical Therapy

What We Do

  • At NeuroHealth Physical Therapy and Wellness, we are fully committed to providing quality, comprehensive physical therapy services to individuals with neurological disorders. 

  • Telehealth Physical Therapy is a two-way video conference between the client and the physical therapist. It allows you to get checked by a licensed and experienced physical therapist from the safety of your home (or any other place). 

  • No leaving the comfort of your home. No exposure to high risk, infectious facilities.

  • No time wasted on travel. It is ideal for those who cannot visit an Outpatient Facility or a Rehabilitation Center.


Virtual Neurological Physical Therapy

At NeuroHealth Physical Therapy and Wellness, we believe that prevention is the best cure. We motivate clients to develop a positive mindset that help them achieve their health goals. We make it easier for you to receive a thorough Annual Physical Therapy Checkup without leaving your house.​

  • We will assess all healthy individuals every year to evaluate their muscle health as well as joints, and nerve conditions.

  • During the exam, we will look for any signs of tightness, deformity, or damage due to injury.

  • Through early intervention, we will help individuals avoid any further damage.

NeuroHealth Physical Therapy

Why Choose Us

When you choose us, you not only receive a thorough        assessment and a treatment plan by a licensed Neurological Physical Therapist, but you also get educational resources, assistive device guidance, and Customized therapy programs to help you in enhancing your mobility and independence.

Dr. Rajni Patel is equipped with advanced techniques like Neuro-Developmental Therapy, Lee Silverman BIG Techniques, Motor Re-Learning Techniques, Sensory Re-Education Techniques, and Spasticity Reduction Techniques to treat clients with neurological disorders.

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